The Forge

The forge at the company KOVOLIT Modřice has a tradition stretching back more than 50 years with the associated experience in the production of copper and aluminium alloy die forgings in accordance with EN 12420 and EN 586.

The forge works with fifteen forging presses from 10,000 KN to 16,000 kN and five forging lines from 100 t to 400 t. A significant investment in the forge was made with the construction of automated forging lines for hot forging and cold extrusion forging with a capacity of 10 mil. forgings a year. T

The hot forging of forged pieces in a die is an important technology for all branches of industry for semi-products that require great strength and in cases in which material homogeneity is important.

The principle of this technology consists in filling the cavities of a steel die with material heated up to forging temperature. The material is either a cut size of a formed bar or a chill blank. Our forged pieces may also be forged with cavities.

We make forgings of weights from 5 g to 38 kg on crank and spindle presses with a forming force from 1.25 to 16 MN. We trim our forgings on eccentric and carrousel presses. We perform surface finishing by blasting, the heat treatment of aluminium alloy forgings, and machining to meet the requirements of the customer. Our production programme also includes the cold extrusion of aluminium alloys with the production of extruded pieces of a weight from 10 g to 1 kg.

Complementary services

  • heat treatment of aluminum alloys

Production is fully in compliance with a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005 and ISO/TS 16949:2009