The forge shop is the plant operating with the longest tradition in our Kovolit, a. s. company.

Forge derive benefit from its years of experience in the production of forgings of Cu and Al alloys according to EN 12420 and EN 586. Hot die forging is important technology for all industry branches for semi-products that require high strength and homogeneity of material. Forgings may also be forged with cavities.

Forge operation is deployed in two halls which differ in character of production and machinery.

Forge I: forgings made from non-ferrous alloys weigh from 5 g to 38 kg, they are made on crank and screw presses with a forming force ranging from 1.25 MN to 16 MN. These forgings are trimmed on eccentric and carousel presses.

Forge II: forgings and extrusions of Al alloys, weighing from 20 g up to 500 g, are manufactured on automatic lines.

We can produce forging tools and trimming tools according to our design in our own tool shop. Forge also use tools supplied by customers.

Manufacturing processes:

  • hot forging
  • cold extrusion


Manufacturing equipment

  • production line Hydromec
  • Smeral, Zdas, Weingarten forging presses
  • trimming presses
  • Realistic annealing and hardening furnaces
  • Realistic melting furnaces
  • Rössler blasting equipment

We can provide additional manufacturing operations on own manufacturing equipment or in co-operation, for example

  • heat treatment
  • leaching
  • pickling
  • tin plating, nickel plating and silver plating
  • blasting
  • machining.

Quality assurance

Forgings quality is verified by checking for compliance with specified dimensions, chemical composition, mechanical properties of materials and internal quality and microstructure.