Programmes of the EU and the Ministry of Industry and Trade


Operational Program Enterprise and innovation for competitiveness
Year of realization:


„Reducing the energy intensity of the production process at KOVOLIT, a.s. - operation of the foundry"

The subject of the project is the acquisition of two new dosing furnaces with a controlled metal dosing process to replace two existing crucible furnaces through which the final energy consumption and CO2 reduction in the KOVOLIT, a.s. production process will be reduced.

This project was co-funded by EU and MIT.



Environment operational programme
Support area: Industrial pollution abatement
Year of implementation: 2012-2014

“Industrial waste water treatment plant”

The project subject-matter was a significant modernization of the die cast process waste water treatment system based on purchasing new machinery and technological equipment and implementing new procedures for safe disposal of oily waste waters.

This project was aimed at the abatement of waste water pollution formed in the aluminium casting forgery operation.

By implementing the measures based on the vacuum distillation principle, a strong abatement of emissions in the waste water drain from the die cast process was achieved compared to the original state. This has resulted in cutting the emission load on the waste water treatment plant in Modřice which is the most important water-works element in the South Bohemia region. The project implementation was made in compliance with BAT (Best available technologies), i.e. the best available technologies within integrated prevention and control of overall pollution impact.

This project was co-funded from the resources of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic (SEF)
Overall investment: 7 745 000.00 CZK without VAT
Total subsidy amount: 4 765 886.00 CZK

Ministry of Industry and Trade - support of research and development programmes from public funds.

Programme: TANDEM
Programme Ref. No.: FT – TA3/146
Specific support beneficiary: Kovolit, a.s.
Specific support grant form: subsidies from the state budget research and development expenditures.
Year of implementation: 2006-2008

“Development and implementation of the technology for Mg-Al compound die casting"

The project aims at managing and understanding the method of Mg-Al alloy die casting on implementing the proprietary production in KOVOLIT, a.s. environment and utilizing the project solution results to enhance competitiveness in competitive business environment. As a supplemental output of the task, the project results should be made accessible also to other interested parties in the die cast industry under the conditions set forth by the Ministry of Industry and Trade while respecting the project solution results that form the support beneficiary’s trade secrets pursuant to the Commercial Code.

This project has been implemented using the financial support from the Czech Republic state budget funds through the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
Overall investment: 18 014 700,00 CZK without VAT
Total subsidy amount: 9 232 500,00 CZK



Human resources development operational programme
Grant scheme: The programme of the professional growth of workers - PROFESSION
Year of implementation: 2007

“Enhancing the skills of employees to use the MOVEX 12 information system”

The educational project is aimed at enhancing the skills of KOVOLIT, a.s. employees in the field of modern information technologies which is a condition for the company’s further development and the company’s position in a demanding, competitive environment.

The training is a part of the employee educational process and it is the prerequisite for dealing with new modern production control technologies, as information technology innovation and its applications play a key role in the entire production process.

This project is co-funded from the European Social Fund and the Czech Republic state budget through the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
Overall investment: 1 221 895,00 CZK without VAT
Total subsidy amount: 427 663,00 CZK