Tool Shop

Tool shop, operation with tradition and modern technology.

Tool shop provides moulds manufacturing for aluminium, dies, moulds and trimming tools die casting. The tool shop has more than eighty-year tradition in this type of manufacturing.

Customers of these products are the foundry and forge shop of our company and also customers in Germany, Austria, Sweden and other countries who manufacture castings for automotive industry, electrical engineering industry and others.

Tool shop provides development and design in its own design office (AutoCAD and Pro/Engineer software), tools testing and verification, including samples delivery and processing of the relevant protocols.

The maximum dimensions of manufactured moulds are 1,200 x 1,200 mm and the maximum weight is limited to 5 tons.


Manufacturing equipment

  • machining centres
  • milling machines
  • lathes
  • boring machines
  • electrical discharging machines
  • classical machine tools

The tool shop also has the necessary capacity of toolmaking workplaces.

Quality assurance

The best materials from trusted suppliers are used for manufacturing of tools, and origin of materials is proved by certificates from suppliers. Heat treatment is provided in vacuum furnaces and documented by heat treatment diagrams.