The foundry employs progressive production technology. Foundry is fully equipped with a robotized workplace primarily from BUHLER.

The production of castings is performed on robotised and automated pressure casting machines with a gripping force of 400t to 1200t with the use of vacuum and squeezing technologies. Castings are also produced using the low-pressure and gravity casting method in metal moulds.

We use alloys for the production of castings.

Pressure casting

• EN AC - 46000, EN AC - AlSi9Cu3(Fe), 226-GD.
• EN AC - 43400, EN AC - AlSi10Mg(Fe), 239-GD.
• EN AC - 44300, EN AC - AlSi12(Fe), 230-GD.
• EN AC - 47100, EN AC - AlSi12Cu1(Fe), 231-GD.

Low-pressure and gravitation casting:

• EN AC - 43000, EN AC - AlSi10Mg, 239-GK.
• EN AC - 42100, EN AC - AlSi7Mg0,3, AlSi7Mg0,3.
• EN AC - 44200, EN AC - AlSi12(a), 230-GK.
• EN AC - 47000, EN AC - AlSi12(Cu), 231-GK.

Castings are further processed to meet the requirements of customers:

• removal of the inlet system on hydraulic presses
• manual sizing
• tumbling
• blasting
• splinter machining
• thermal processing
• impregnation

Product quality is checked by inspecting:

• the chemical composition of materials with a spectrum analyser
• X-rays internal quality control
  • 3D measuring instruments
• mechanical properties with hardness testers and tearing machines
• inner quality and microstructure with metallographic sections
The construction and production of moulds, dies and trimming tools takes place in the tooling shop of the company KOVOLIT.

The foundry is also equipped with:

• trimming presses
• a Rössler tumbling line
• a Rössler blasting machinery
• band grinding machinery
• smelting and dosing furnaces from 350 kg to 12,000 kg (STRIKO shaft furnace)

Supplementary service:

• Impregnating machine Maldaner

The foundry is certified to ISO 9001:2008, ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005 and ISO/TS 16949:2009