The foundry is the biggest workshop in Kovolit, a.s.

Foundry products are mainly directed to the automotive industry. Based on the fact that this industry is very dynamic, foundry must progressively respond to changing market demands. Therefore, it uses modern molding technologies which, by means of vacuum and squeezing, ensure the precision of the production of complex parts such as oil pumps, air conditioning compressors or gearboxes.

In the first place the foundry currently processes the following alloys:

  • AlSi9Cu3(Fe)
  • ADC12
  • AlSi10Mg(Fe)
  • AlSi12(Fe)
  • AlSi12Cu1(Fe)
  • AlSi7Mg0,3

by using of high-pressure casting, low pressure casting and gravity casting technology. 

Manufacturing processes

  • aluminium alloys casting through high pressure casting, low pressure casting, gravity casting, vacuum and squeezing



Manufacturing equipment

  • casting machines Bühler with clamping force from 400 tons up to 1,200 tons
  • robots and Wollin equipment for moulds treatment
  • vacuum and jet cooling equipment
  • Kawasaki and ABB extraction robots
  • melting and holding furnaces from 350 kg up to 3,000 kg
  • dosing and pot furnaces
  • trimming presses of 15 tons up to 65 tons
  • Rösler barrel and continuous tumbling equipment
  • Rösler barrel and overhead rail blasting equipment
  • Maldaner impregnation line for castings

We can produce moulds, chills and trimming tools according to our design in our own tool shop. We also work with moulds and tools supplied by customers.

Quality assurance

The quality of castings is verified by checking for compliance with specified dimensions, chemical composition, mechanical properties of materials, internal quality and microstructure using a spectrometer, X-ray and ZEISS and Mitutoyo 3D measuring equipment.