21.9.2017 11:35

Olympia Strongman Sponsoring

Olympia Strongman, the Czech Championship in Power Sports

On Saturday 2.9. we took part in the Olympia Strongman, the Czech Championship in Power Sports. The program of this event was very rich, amateur and professional strongmen from all over the Czech Republic fought for the title of the Czech champion in various categories.  It was an unreal spectacle full of adrenaline, incredible performances and records.

Even cheering is not easy, and it gives a hard time to encourage a favourite strogman to lift a few hundred kilo weight. To allow visitors to chill for a while of cheering, Kovolit prepared a competition for them in its stand, which consisted in assigning casts/forgings to the final products. The winners were rewarded with a gift pack with a notepad, pen, pencil and cast metal bottle opener. We also thought about children who could get a toy balloon and some sweets.

We are glad that we could participate in this event, and would also like to thank the event promoters (Czech Union of Power Sports) for a great organization and we look forward to next year.

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