1.7.2017 23:18

Training for engineers

Training with the purpose of increasing employee qualification that will enable us to make the best use of the potential of our casting machines.

From 13th to 17th of February 2017, training took place in the pressure die casting foundry and was attended by four shift engineers and four engineers from the pressure foundry. This was a third training from a training series provided to us by the Swiss manufacturer of Bühler casting machines. The first two training programmes completed by our employees at the end of the last year were focused on machine settings of the manufacturing line Carat and Evolution and on construction of die casting moulds.

The topic of the last training so far was “Optimization of pressure die casting process, casting defects – analysis of causes and their removal.” The training took the form of a theoretical lecture supplemented by drawings, photos, videos and a subsequent practical demonstration.

The training was divided into several parts:

  1. Optimization of the pressure die casting process; during this part, our engineers learned how to specify the optimal settings for casting machines to achieve the shortest possible casting cycle and the lowest possible scrap rates. We are pleased to announce that the existing settings of the majority of our machines were optimal enough to not allow any further practical shortening of the cycle!
  2. Theory of pressure die casting, mould spraying and alloy melting through which our engineers identified the causes of defects in castings.
  3. Casting defects – a chapter in which our engineers learned about almost all possible defects with regard to their cause, their symptoms, place of occurrence and possible corrective measures.
  4. Analysis of consequences and causes of defects focused on optimization of the process, preventive measures and elimination of occurrence of defects even before the first casting.

Just for the idea: The price for a week-long educational cycle of this type is around CZK 250,000, and we are currently the only foundry in the Czech Republic that has completed training to such an extent.

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